5 tips to calm your stress and anxiety during a divorce

Divorce was not the end game you had intended. But sometimes, after other avenues of reconciliation have been exhausted, divorce is the one that’s left. It can be freeing and seen as a new chapter in your life, but that takes time.

Initially, divorce is often a stressful, anxious, temperamental, and nonconforming experience. Intense and continual stress and anxiety can lead to a multitude of health concerns. These negative emotions can also lead to disrupted sleep patterns, the formation of poor eating habits, and addictions masked as coping mechanisms.

Consider the five practices below as aids to help ease and manage the stress and anxiety you experience throughout your divorce.

Confront your emotions

Showing and dealing with your feelings can be difficult, especially for some males. You need a confidant to be able to spill what you’re feeling. A trustworthy friend or relative is a great shoulder to cry on, but don’t rule out the power of a support group that has been through the same ordeal or a licensed therapist.

Nurturing your mental health will help this process. Surrounding yourself with positivity and living a lifestyle that makes you happy goes a long way toward benefiting your overall well-being.

Focus on your physical health

Taking care of yourself is crucial during stressful times. Take advantage of that gym membership that you’ve been sitting on for months and begin exercising regularly.

Nutrition is also vital to our mental and physical health. As the saying goes, “put good in, get good out.”

Let go

You may think this is crazy, especially in the heat of divorce, but every wrong you experienced does not need reconciliation. Harboring those feelings does nothing but hurt your mental health. Focus on the good and block out the bad. Eventually, the good will take over.

Letting go includes interactions with your ex and any control you thought you had over their actions. If you thought you had power before, you probably didn’t, and don’t now. If you too can’t get along, but you must see each other now and again (say for child custody swaps), treat it like a business engagement, and move on.

Think things through

Overthinking doesn’t solve problems, but neither does under-thinking. Deciding based on a snap reaction is a recipe for disaster. Whether it’s during the divorce process while considering child custody or alimony arrangements, or after the divorce and working out a co-parenting plan, weigh all options, and always consider the best interest of your children (if you have any.)

Lastly, once you’ve finalized your divorce, take these tips with you into everyday life. A healthy mind and body will speed up the post-divorce recovery process.

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