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How MA Law Treats Pensions and Divorce

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | April 25, 2023

Are you wondering what will happen to your pension or other retirement benefits during the division of property in a divorce? Learn how MA law treats pensions and divorce.  Massachusetts Division of Property: The Basics Massachusetts law recognizes two types of property in a divorce: marital property, which belongs equally…

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Asset Recognition, Valuation, and Distribution in a High-Net-Worth Divorce in Massachusetts

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | March 15, 2023

You can win — or lose — a lot in a high-net-worth divorce. Hiring an attorney with extensive experience in the recognition, valuation, and distribution of high-value assets is critical to securing a favorable settlement. Why High-Net-Worth Divorces Are Difficult Handling high-net-worth assets can be challenging. You must identify, value,…

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Out-of-State Child Support Modifications

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | February 15, 2023

Out-of-state child support modifications can be complex but are possible. Read on to learn how to modify Massachusetts child support payments if the other parent lives out of state. When Can You Modify a Child Support Order in Massachusetts? You may be able to renegotiate child support judgments either with…

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