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Retaining your own attorney is an important step in achieving a fair outcome in your divorce. As a man, you face a few unique challenges within the divorce process, such as arguing your case for child custody. Having a divorce attorney for men on your side can be highly beneficial. 

Unique Divorce Considerations for Men

In an ideal world, the court would treat men and women equally in a divorce. But centuries of distinct gender roles and family roles have led men and women to face unique, separate challenges.

In some ways, the court tends to favor women in a divorce. Working with a divorce attorney for men from Koiles Pratt Family Law Group can help you approach these unique considerations strategically during your divorce:

Spousal Support Payments

Traditionally, men are often the breadwinners for their families, earning more than their wives. In many cases, men are the sole earners, as women stay home to care for their children.

The court considers each spouse’s income during the division of property and assets. If you earn significantly more than your spouse, the court could require you to pay spousal support or alimony, which would reduce your income for months or years after the divorce.

Our divorce attorneys can argue that your spouse has the capacity to earn more money through a higher-earning job. We can also present evidence that your spouse no longer needs to be a stay-at-home mom if your children are old enough to have more independence.

Child Custody

Men often lose out when it comes to child custody. The court often favors the mother, even if you and your spouse shared parental duties equally during the marriage. Even in cases in which the court awards equal shared custody, they may give the mom primary custody during the school year, which leaves you with only a few months with the children each year.

As a result, men need to fight harder to show that they are the right choice for primary custody, or that they at least can manage equal shared custody. Our divorce attorneys for men can help you present evidence in your favor for child custody.

High Emotions

Emotions often run high for both parties in a divorce, and men sometimes let their emotions control their behavior. Anger and frustration are completely natural in a high-stress divorce, but you should keep these emotions to yourself.

Letting anger show during a custody battle or property division hearing could lead the court to favor your wife. For instance, you may unintentionally demonstrate that you are not a safe person for your children to be around.

Letting our law firm handle communications for you can lower your risk of hurting your case when strong emotions rise to the surface.

Let Us Protect Your Rights in a Divorce

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