As the largest divorce and family law firm north of Boston, we offer high-caliber legal representation close to home at a value that Boston-based firms can’t touch.

A Clear Direct Approach
To Help Our Clients

We help clients protect their interests, assets and relationships. We are particularly adept at handling complex and contentious divorce and family law matters, skillfully disentangling the financial web ranging from business interests to real estate and restricted stock. We are assertive advocates for our clients, often high net worth individuals, applying our proven, pragmatic approach that our clients especially appreciate during this emotionally charged time in their lives.

We take great pride in our work and take great care of our clients, providing both stability, clarity and sound guidance as we strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

We serve clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts including Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk Counties.

Proven and Pragmatic

Why Koiles Pratt
Family Law Group


We have a track record for success, earning our solid reputation from clients, judges and other attorneys as both litigators and mediators. We’re thorough, prepared, direct and honest leaving legal speak at the door so the path forward is clear and understood. Our proven, pragmatic approach helps mitigate many of the complications that arise during this emotionally charged time. Our clients appreciate the comfort and clarity that our approach provides as we guide and support them throughout the legal process, with them every step of the way.

Full Service

Divorce & Family Law Services


We are proven and skilled litigators and mediators. As a full-service family law firm, we help our clients resolve a wide range of family law matters including divorce and related matters such as paternity, custody, support and alimony, contempt and modifications. We also resolve other family law matters such as grandparent visitations, domestic violence, restraining orders and guardianship of a minor.

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The attorneys at Koiles Pratt Family Law Group are dedicated to the family law needs of people in Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk Counties.

Ready to protect your interests, assets and relationships.

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