Child Custody/Removal Case: Prevented Removal of Children to Another State; Established Client as Primary Parent


Jennifer Koiles Pratt successfully fought for a client to be able to maintain custody of his children, barring their mother from moving out of the state with them. The judge also established a new parenting schedule whereby the father became the primary parent. 


Jennifer Koiles Pratt represented a client through an issue that arose after the divorce was final. Her client’s former spouse accepted a new job that required her to move out of state and she wanted to take the children with her.


With decades of experience in divorce and family law, Koiles Pratt developed a thoughtful and convincing case, demonstrating why it was detrimental for the children to move out of state. The approach highlighted the strong relationship her client had with his children, as well as the children’s strong and important ties to their community. Her case emphasized the emotional impact and sense of loss that moving would have on the children. A key element to the adopted approach was to ensure all collaterals were presented to the guardian ad litem, who was appointed to review the case. This included family members, teachers and friends, all of whom demonstrated the strong relationships they had with the children and underscored the true impact and loss the children would experience by moving away from their father and the community.

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