Restraining Orders – A Legal Order to Protect You

Our compassionate attorneys at Koiles Pratt Family Law Group are here to help if you or someone you know is faced with the threat of domestic violence. We will help you navigate the court system to get a restraining order in place so you and your loved ones are protected.

A restraining order is available to anyone experiencing domestic violence: spouses, children, dating and engaged individuals, cohabitors, and others in a familial or dating relationship.

A restraining order is a court-ordered protection document that prohibits an individual from acting in a way that threatens the safety or well-being of another individual. A restraining order commonly prevents an abuser from going near another person’s house or workplace and is a criminally enforceable court order. If the abuser violates the order, he or she can be arrested and face criminal charges.

The Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Act

Under the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Act (MAPA), victims of domestic abuse or violence are protected against certain violent acts. Victims can apply for an emergency protection order, which may go into effect without notice to the alleged abuser. This emergency order is effective for 10 business days, after which the restrained person has an opportunity to be heard in court.

The MAPA also allows for restraining orders to be issued against family or household members. In Massachusetts, these orders are known as 209A orders. If you are a victim of domestic violence — or if you have been placed under a protection order or 209A order — contact Koiles Pratt Family Law Group. We assist victims of domestic violence in seeking restraining orders, exploring all options in and out of MAPA to work toward securing their safety. We also understand that restraining orders limit the lives of alleged abusers, and we fight to exonerate those wrongly accused of domestic violence.

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