Guardianship of a Minor

Obtaining Guardianship

When a parent can no longer care for a child, another family member, or a nonfamily member in some cases, can seek to obtain a guardianship for that child. A guardianship places legal responsibility for the minor in the guardian’s hands. At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we assist grandparents, siblings, and other family members in obtaining guardianship over vulnerable children when the natural parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. We also represent clients in disputes involving contested guardianships.

For more information and a case assessment about a child guardianship matter, contact Koiles Pratt Family Law Group. We serve clients in the Greater Boston area including Boston, the North Shore and Merrimack Valley from Cambridge to Andover to Newburyport to Salem MA where our office is located.

Here to Help Families In Crisis

When a parent cannot fulfill their parental responsibilities such as in cases of drug abuse, alcoholism, mental health issues, or incarceration, the responsibility falls on relatives to seek legal rights of the child. If the child is already living with you at home, you may consider formalizing that relationship through a guardianship.

Our family law firm has helped people obtain guardianships over minor children for decades. We have the experience to prepare guardianship petitions and supporting documents, as well as represent you in court hearings. In many cases, this process is routine, and we can secure your guardianship in an efficient manner.

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