Avoidable Alimony Mistakes

Thousands of couples divorce across the country every year. It can be a very stressful process for everyone involved. Some couples in Massachusetts, as well as other states, find it difficult to get along during the divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, some couples are never able to get along as well as they once did, especially when alimony or other support payments are involved. In fact, there are many ex-spouses who go through a great deal of trouble in order to avoid paying large amounts in alimony, but these extreme measures can sometimes backfire.

One mistake that some people make is failing to consult with an expert. These experts, usually an accountant, can help the couple to come up with a manageable amount of money that will allow both parties to maintain their lifestyles. They may also be able to prevent the ex-spouse who is paying the alimony from making rash decisions, such as paying a very large lump sum rather than smaller payments over time.

Sometimes, ex-spouses will make other mistakes, such as attempting to hide or spend funds in order to get a lower alimony payment or failing to establish specific termination terms for the payments. Some people who attempt to hide or get rid of funds might not realize that the amount paid is not based on what is in the bank account at that moment; rather, it is based on the person’s income. Also, if it is not specifically stated how or when the alimony payments are to be stopped, then one spouse could end up paying much more than anticipated.

Massachusetts residents who are going through or considering divorce could benefit from speaking with an attorney. These attorneys can help their clients to communicate with their ex-spouses effectively and to understand the terms of any agreements made during their divorces, such as alimony or other support payments. They may also be able to help clients who are having difficulty collecting alimony payments or making payments to adjust the schedule or amounts if needed.

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