Be Aware Of Underhanded Tricks Spouses May Play During Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy event. When a marriage breaks down, emotions can run high and spouses may engage in vindictive acts to try to make things problematic for the other spouse during the divorce. People should be aware of some of the more common tactics others use during divorce so they are not taken by surprise.

“Conflicting Out” Attorneys

One such spiteful practice that can make it difficult for a spouse to find capable representation in a divorce is by “conflicting out” many of the lawyers in the area. Without intending to actually hire any of the lawyers to whom he or she speaks, a person makes an appointment with each lawyer and shares enough information about the situation with the lawyers so that it would create a conflict of interest for the lawyers to represent the other spouse, should he or she attempt to hire the lawyers.

The practice can be especially harmful in areas without a large number of attorneys. The spouse without a lawyer may need to travel a great distance to find representation.

Hiding Assets

Hiding assets during the divorce is another common unscrupulous practice. A spouse may remove all of the money from jointly-held accounts without telling the other spouse and put it in a secret account. The spouse may also begin stashing cash or valuables in a safe deposit box. A spouse may overpay creditors knowing that he or she will get the money refunded after the divorce settlement, or even create phony debts with friends or family that he or she will recoup after the divorce.

Pressure To Settle

A spouse may pressure the other to rush into a settlement by offering what appears to be a reasonable division of assets and pressuring the other to resolve the matter quickly. In such cases, the spouse trying to hurry the matter usually has something to hide and does not want the other spouse to have time to examine financial records and other discovery demand answers.

A spouse may also cut off funds to the other spouse until the other agrees to the settlement, in an effort force the spouse to agree.


Alternatively, a spouse may continually delay the proceedings by filing numerous motions and making excessive discovery demands in an effort to drive the other spouse’s legal costs up, in hopes that he or she will run out of money and be forced into a less favorable division of assets.

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