Infidelity and its effects on child custody

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Massachusetts residents may know of someone who ended a marriage for financial, work-related or even stress-related reasons, and the ensuing divorce proceedings can range from amicable to hostile. However, there are certain circumstances which may add additional stress to the divorce proceedings. Marriages that end due to infidelity can be especially stressful, especially if there are children involved. Many parents may fear that infidelity during a marriage or new partners acquired during a separation could impact the child custody agreement.

In most cases, infidelity does not directly affect whether or not the individual is deemed to be a fit parent. However, the other parent may have more difficulty accepting this. Some ex-spouses will insist on being introduced to the new partner before that person begins spending an extended amount of time with the ex-spouse’s children.

It may even be possible for ex-spouses to come to an agreement regarding their future relationships and how these relationships will affect the children. Some parents might create an agreement that requires their ex-spouse’s new partner to meet certain requirements before meeting the children. Others might insist on having the children see a therapist in order to ensure that they understand the situation and are comfortable with it.

Divorce is rarely an easy process for the people involved, especially for children. There are many factors that concern parents when considering different child custody agreements. Divorcing couples in Massachusetts who wish to discuss different types of custody agreements and how their current or future relationships may be affected could benefit from speaking with an attorney.

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