An amicable ending to a high asset divorce

Divorces are often depicted as volatile and unfriendly, to say the least. This is especially true in celebrity divorces or in a high asset divorce. However, many Massachusetts residents may be relieved to know that this need not be the case. Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband, Chris Martin, have been able to remain friendly even after their divorce in 2016.

The celebrities had two children during their time together, a boy and a girl. When asked about how she and her ex-husband were able to remain friendly during the divorce, Paltrow responded that she and Martin had a common goal in mind. She stated that she and Martin wanted their children to be as unaffected as possible by the divorce and that they wanted to maintain a good family environment for the children.

What is surprising to many is how friendly the two celebrities continue to be even after the paperwork has been signed. Despite going through the painful process of dividing their assets and determining how child custody would be handled, the two celebrities remain close. Paltrow even goes so far as to claim that she still shares a kind of familial relationship with her ex-husband. Although, she now claims that he is more like a sibling than a romantic partner.

Maintaining good relationships during and after a divorce is possible; however, it may be more difficult in a high asset divorce or a divorce involving children. These situations may present a greater chance of having a disagreement, but having a shared goal may help to prevent many disagreements from getting out of hand. Massachusetts residents who are considering divorce could benefit from speaking with an attorney about the process.

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