Father faces prison after breaking child custody agreement

Parents in Massachusetts going through a divorce know that the process can be just as difficult for the children as it is for the parents themselves. Determining child custody can put an incredible strain on the relationship between the parents, especially if they already do not get along. In some cases, a parent may feel the need to take desperate action in order to retain custody.

A father is currently facing up to three years in prison for the kidnapping of his own child. He and his ex-wife had been ordered to share custody of their child after their divorce last year, but the child would live with the mother for the majority of the time. The man openly criticized his ex-wife and even told a friend that he would be willing to leave the country with his child in order to retain custody.

In May of last year, he decided to do exactly that. Without the knowledge of the child’s mother, the father took the child to Mexico. The mother tried repeatedly to get in touch with her ex-husband, but he refused to respond. He was later arrested by Mexican authorities on a firearms charge. Only then was the mother able to go to Mexico and retrieve her child.

This is an extreme situation, but it is also the nightmare of many parents going through a difficult divorce. Massachusetts parents who are considering divorce may wish to first contact an attorney. Consulting with attorneys may help parents reach a child custody arrangement that most benefits the children involved.

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