John Schneider may be facing jail time for delinquent alimony

Many Massachusetts divorcees are familiar with support payments. Ex-spouses across the country are required to pay alimony each month. Some of these people, however, do not make their payments on time or at all in some cases. Even celebrities like John Schneider must face the consequences when they fail to make their alimony payments.

The Dukes of Hazzard star and his estranged wife, Elvira Schneider, filed for divorce in Nov. 2014 after 21 years of being married, citing irreconcilable differences. John Schneider was ordered to pay nearly $19,000 per month to his ex-wife in alimony. However, the actor failed to keep up with the payments, and it was revealed in February that he had been given until mid-March to pay more than $150,000 in delinquent alimony fees.

Schneider was also ordered to transfer one of his properties to his estranged wife and resolve any tax liens. The actor, however, failed to resolve the tax liens, and he also failed to pay his delinquent fees by the deadline given to him by the judge. Since then, he has reportedly been sentenced to jail time as well as 240 hours of community service. 

Unfortunately, there are many ex-spouses who struggle to collect their spousal support payments. People in Massachusetts who are struggling to collect alimony payments could benefit from speaking with an attorney. It may be possible for an attorney to help his or her clients to collect payments that they are due or, possibly, to increase the payments, if needed. An attorney may also be able to help those who are having difficulty making the payments adjust the payment amounts or the payment schedule.

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