Socialite balks at the bill for her high asset divorce

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are, to many Massachusetts residents, something to be envied. Many people wonder what it would be like to be able to spend millions without batting an eye. One socialite did just that. She and her now ex-husband spent millions each year on a variety of things before settling a high asset divorce. Now, after the divorce has been finalized, the woman, Lara Trafelet, is balking at the cost of her divorce.

The woman is suing the forensic accounting firm for charging what she claims is a shocking amount of money for their services. She claims that she is unable to pay the exorbitant amount. However, the firm disagrees and claims that she only wishes to avoid paying all of her legal fees.

According to the accountants who helped Lara Trafelet during her divorce, sorting out all of the accounts and spending habits of the couple was no easy task. The couple owned several properties in different countries and employed several private staff members, including personal trainers, drivers, assistants and a chef. It was also not unusual for them to go on vacations costing several hundred thousand dollars.

A high asset divorce is rarely simple and often very costly. Experts are sometimes needed to help sort through the large number of accounts and other assets in order to determine how they should be divided during the divorce or how much one ex-spouse should pay the other in support. Massachusetts residents who are considering divorce could benefit from consulting with an attorney in their area.

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