Getting through a high-conflict divorce

A divorce is never the ending couples anticipate when first committing to marriage. It is often the last resort when the two can no longer function as a singular unit.

There are a variety of divorces, and no two occur in the same fashion. Because all individuals differ, the circumstances surrounding the divorce vary as well. When two people cannot communicate effectively and their uncoupling does not help the situation, they may qualify as a high-conflict situation. How can someone get through the divorce process in a hot-tempered climate? Reflect on these suggestions to help.

Keep face-to-face communication to a minimum

Nothing stalls a divorce quicker than continual fighting. Not only is arguing counterproductive to resolving issues, but it also perpetuates the cycle of anger. One thing a couple can do is stay away from each other. When communication needs to occur, do it in writing. While text messages may suffice, email may work better. Some couples should also consider going through their attorneys for all messages.

Steer clear of social media

Posting about separate lives during a divorce may result in negative consequences in court. Details of the divorce or any volatility or discord between the couple posted for friends and family may become fodder during the proceedings. While some people opt to participate in a social media divorce, it is much better to stay away from it.

Do not involve the children

Too often, children become the victims of their parents’ divorce. When fighting during the marriage spills into the separation, kids often bear the burden. Do not put children in the middle and use them as messengers. Resist the urge to spill personal details and perspectives to the children. This type of behavior often results in more harm to the kids, and the court is usually not keen on this.

A high-conflict divorce may prove challenging to navigate, but it can result in a successful outcome. Check with an attorney on how best to navigate the process.

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