Long commutes can cause marital turbulence

Who people choose to marry can have a significant impact on their happiness, career and earning power. However, it can be challenging to achieve such happiness if one spouse has a longer commute than the other, according to one study.

While a longer drive is often not the root cause of divorce, if spouses are already facing a turbulent time in their marriage, it could add fuel to the fire.

How a long commute can impact a marriage

These are a few of the subtle ways it can have a negative effect:

  • More time on the road means less time with family: Having a full-time job is often demanding. But when one spouse has a lengthier commute to work, their day can extend beyond a 9-5. If the spouse has a 45-minute trip to the office, that’s an hour and a half on the road. When one spends that much time on the road, that means they spend less time with their significant other or children.
  • Traffic and frequent delays: Those who work in a large metro know that traffic can be a nightmare. According to Forbes, Boston has the worst road congestion in the U.S., with I-93 being one of the most notorious for gridlock. Being stuck in traffic can cause people to become irritated, especially when car crashes, road construction or reckless drivers are involved. When someone comes home mad after a treacherous drive, they may end up taking their anger out on their partner.
  • The guilt from being away can make some act out: When one partner is gone more prolonged, it can be hard on the other and their kids. If tensions arise because one spouse has to stay late at work and then get stuck in traffic, it could cause them to say or do things that end up hurting the marriage.

Long drives can cause emotions to run high

Long commutes can drive any partnership over the edge. However, some may not have a choice due to a variety of factors. Couples in Massachusetts looking to file for divorce may want to seek legal counsel. An experienced attorney can help evaluate their circumstances and work out an agreement that works for both parties.

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