Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer at the First Meeting

Although divorce is a legal process, the emotional and financial consequences often overshadow the legal issues. It is important to work with an attorney who respects your priorities and will work to achieve your objectives efficiently.

Asking the right questions at your first meeting with a divorce lawyer is the best way to determine whether the legal advisor is a good fit for your situation. Additionally, the answers can help you move forward through the process even if you decide you need to look further to find the right divorce lawyer.

What Should I Expect from this Process?

This open-ended question gives you the chance to learn about the attorney’s approach to divorce. If you’re uncertain about the whole process, you might want to work with someone who provides thorough answers covering a range of concerns. If you prefer a no-nonsense approach, then a lawyer who gives brief, targeted answers may be your better choice. If the attorney does not discuss options for keeping the process amicable, consider asking about ways to avoid conflict.

How can we keep costs down?

If your soon-to-be ex could turn vindictive, you might want to follow up by asking what you can do to prevent your spouse from driving up costs during the divorce.

How should I deal with my spouse?

Depending on where you are in the process, the attorney may be able to suggest language to bring up delicate topics. A divorce lawyer could also warn you about things to avoid saying or doing.

Why should I choose you to handle my divorce?

This answer should give you information about the attorney’s experience and commitment to client care. If not, be sure to ask. You might also ask if you will be working with multiple members of a team or primarily with one person throughout the process.

What is your fee structure and how do you bill?

You will want to know the retainer, hourly rates, and how often you should expect to receive a bill. You could ask for a ballpark figure about the total cost, but it can be difficult to get more than a rough estimate.

How long should we expect this case to take?

Although this number may also be a rough guess, it gives you a framework to plan with.

What will you need from me?

It takes time to gather information and make decisions, so the sooner you can start the process, the better.

Will we communicate primarily by phone or electronically?

Your preference matters. If you like to have everything in writing but your attorney communicates primarily by phone, you could be frustrated.

What are the next steps after this meeting?

You’ll be ahead of the game if you know what to do next.

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