Summertime Custody Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Creating a custody arrangement is a bit easier during the school year since the kids are out of the house for so many hours each day. When summer comes, parents often forget how much planning they need to adapt to with the kids being home every day.

Summertime custody mistakes are common, but you can easily avoid them by making an adequate plan.

Below are some of the top summertime custody mistakes that parents make and how to avoid them.

What Are the Top Summertime Custody Mistakes in Massachusetts?

Here are some of the most common mistakes our law firm sees in custody disputes:

  • Lack of childcare: Both parents work full-time jobs, and neither makes childcare arrangements.
  • Lack of supervision arrangements: The children do not have a set plan for supervision.
  • Poor discipline: Each parent enforces different summertime rules, which leads to a lack of discipline and consistency in the children’s lives.
  • No vacations: Parents do not plan for vacation time or communicate about time out of town.
  • Inadequate funds: Caring for kids when they’re out of school can cost more money, and often parents do not account for this expense.
  • No activities: Many kids enjoy activities like summer camps and sports, but parents often fail to plan these activities when dealing with all of the other complications.

How Can You Avoid Custody Mistakes?

You can easily avoid summertime custody mistakes by following these steps:

  1. Review your custody order to refresh your memory on the basic plan.
  2. Sit the kids down and ask about any of their preferences.
  3. Develop a plan for summer schedules, which we will discuss more next.
  4. Collaborate on the plan as a team and stick to it throughout the summer.

What Should Your Massachusetts Custody Plan Include?

A plan only works well when it’s thorough and detailed. Your custody plan should include:

  • A supervision schedule: Who will care for the children and when?
  • Ground rules: Are there any hard rules that each parent should enforce during the summer? For example, what should bedtime or curfew be?
  • Vacation times: Will either parent take a vacation, and will the children join? Will one adult need to adjust their supervision schedule for a pre-planned trip?
  • Holiday schedules: Who will celebrate each holiday with the children?
  • Work schedules: When does each parent work and need additional childcare?
  • Sports and camps: Will the children participate in any sports or camps?
  • Finances: Does each parent have adequate funds to support this plan?

Do You Need Legal Support for Child Custody in Massachusetts?

Summertime custody mistakes happen all the time. Avoid these complications with proper planning so that your entire family can have a fun, stress-free summer.

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