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High Asset Divorce

Confidentiality Concerns in Massachusetts High Asset Divorces

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | August 4, 2023

High asset divorces come with their own set of unique challenges, often involving complex financial structures and significant assets. In Massachusetts, these types of divorces aren’t only about financial matters, but also confidentiality concerns. It’s a delicate balance between accurately representing assets and ensuring sensitive information remains confidential. Confidentiality: A…

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​​How Are IRAs Divided in Massachusetts?

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | August 9, 2021

Some of the greatest challenges in dissolving a marriage involve splitting up marital assets, including retirement accounts. When beginning the divorce process, it’s important to understand how Massachusetts courts will value and divide IRAs so that you can formulate a plan to protect your most critical assets. As you’re navigating…

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