Divorce Case: Demonstrated Business Was Valued at Nearly $3 Million Less; Saved $1.5 Million in Asset Payout


Jennifer Koiles Pratt proved her client’s business was worth far less than what the spouse was claiming, saving her client nearly $1.5 million in the divorce settlement.


Jennifer Koiles Pratt represented a business owner seeking a divorce. She sought a counter valuation of the business to argue for an appropriate and equitable asset payout to the spouse, who had presented a business valuation that appeared to be too high.


Koiles Pratt’s effective legal strategy involved leveraging a business valuation professional who had expertise in the business’ specific market segment. This deep knowledge of the market enabled the valuation professional to present as an expert witness a thorough, compelling and highly-defensible valuation for the business in court, which was nearly $3 million less than the valuation presented by the spouse. Both valuations were presented, and the court accepted the business value presented by Koiles Pratt’s expert witness.

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