Understanding The Mediation Process

Mediation is a process that offers many benefits for individuals and families. While it may not be appropriate for all situations, it is an effective process to resolve a wide variety of family law matters including divorce. It is typically more cost-efficient, expedient, and amicable than divorce litigation.

At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we mediate many family law matters to successfully attain an agreed resolution among the parties involved. As a mediator, our role is as a neutral third party to facilitate the process which is based on collaboration and cooperation to find common ground to resolve the matter. Should you wish to have an attorney represent you while you use mediation to resolve a family legal matter, you have that right. We cannot represent you as your attorney and be the mediator.

In mediation, we offer our services at every step of the process — from an initial divorce filing to mediating modifications of agreements should circumstances change.

The Steps In The Mediation Process

1. At our initial consultation, we sit down with both parties and evaluate any existing agreements for divorce, property division, child custody and support, or alimony. We thoroughly examine the facts of the case while listening to each side to determine what issues need to be resolved.

2. During mediation, we will help you negotiate, discuss, and address specific issues, and find common ground that can translate into a fair resolution.

3. At the end of the process, you will be able to come to an agreement that meets the needs of all parties. Our goal is to form agreements that are reasonable and sustainable to every party. Divorce mediationgives you a chance to take part in this process and contribute to making these critical decisions.

Interested in Mediation?

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