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Creating fair child support and alimony agreements are important components of a divorce. At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we have helped many families reach agreements regarding child support and alimony that are fair, reasonable, and sustainable while meeting the needs of all parties.

We help clients throughout the Greater Boston area from the western suburbs to the North Shore and the Merrimack Valley including but not limited to Wellesley to North Andover, from Newburyport to Salem, Massachusetts, to address and resolve child support and alimony agreements. Should circumstances significantly change, we can assist in modifications or if the orders aren’t being adhered to, assist with resolution of contempt.

Child Support

At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we help ensure that our clients’ child support payments are fair and equitable.

Massachusetts places high priority on providing for the well-being of children. A parent receiving child support should receive all of the support they are entitled to, and a payer of child support should not have to pay more than what the law requires. Learn more here.

In 2018, Massachusetts established new guidelines for calculating child support. The realities of today’s changing family structures, including more nontraditional families, are reflected in these guidelines.

As family law norms change over time, our experienced lawyers work to stay up to date on trends and adhere to new guidelines. We can help you put these guidelines into practice when negotiating questions of child support. If circumstances change, modifications to child support orders can be made.


It is possible that at the outset of a divorce case, the judge could issue temporary orders requiring alimony to be paid. Such orders can serve as the basis for future alimony payments. It is advised that you secure a strong advocate as legal counsel early in the divorce process to protect your rights and interests. Learn more about alimony here.

Massachusetts also has specific laws that govern alimony after a divorce. These laws guide families and courts in determining the length and amount of alimony payments after a divorce. Payments may be ordered when a discrepancy in finances and earning ability exists between spouses.

Learn more about the Massachusetts laws regarding alimony and how alimony is calculated here.

Here to Resolve Child Support & Alimony Matters

At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we are adept and proven at resolving financial considerations including child support and alimony in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To learn how we can help you and your loved ones resolve these issues and move on with your lives, please contact our office or call us at 978-744-7774.

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