Understanding Child Support Orders

Massachusetts places high priority on providing for the well-being of children. A parent receiving child support should receive all of the support they are entitled to, and a payer of child support should not have to pay more than what the law requires.

At Koiles Pratt Family Law Group, we help ensure that our clients’ child support payments are fair and equitable.

We can address all aspects of child support, including:

Our family law attorneys are proficient at obtaining cost-effective and favorable results.

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Child Support Guidelines

Massachusetts’ guidelines set the level of child support. These guidelines are based on the incomes of the parents, living arrangements of the child, adjustments for certain expenses, and other factors.

Our child support lawyers are thoroughly familiar with Massachusetts’ guidelines. We account for all factors that can affect the child support level, including all sources of income and the needs of children. Our firm can work to ensure that all income is accounted for and has a proven track record of adeptly identifying all assets including a parent’s attempt to hide income to minimize child support.

Paying For Your Children’s College Education

The cost of post-secondary education increases every year. In Massachusetts, a parent who pays child support may be called upon to provide additional funds to pay for further post-secondary education. A subsequent spouse’s income may also be taken into account for this purpose.

Our firm can provide advice and representation regarding this issue. We can go to court to obtain a modification to child support to pay for college education expenses or respond to a petition for increased child support. We can also help you take measures to provide for college tuition at the time of your divorce, including asking for the creation of a 529 plan as part of the divorce settlement.

We’re Here to Help with Child Support

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