Valentine’s Day Proposals — Why You Should Consider a Prenup

After the feelings of elation that come with a Valentine’s Day proposal subside, you will eventually come back down to earth. Then it is time to discuss a potentially uncomfortable topic—the prenuptial agreement. These agreements get a bad rap, but they are like placing an insurance policy on a marriage–they provide a solid foundation. 

It is Never Too Early to Discuss Prenups

Why begin prenuptial agreement conservations so early? The process of forming a prenuptial agreement requires you to engage in rational discussions about financial circumstances, expectations, and plans. A deep understanding of financial and emotional objectives will help solidify the foundation of your relationship. Although prenuptial agreement conversations can be awkward, they will only become much more difficult as the wedding date looms.

Couples are in alignment during the early stages of an engagement, making it an opportune moment to plan for the future. This is the ideal time to establish expectations regarding a romantic and economic partnership, including the values and goals of all parties.

Stages of Achieving a Prenuptial Agreement

The creation process is as crucial as the resulting agreement. During these conversations, you must:

  • Delve into the prospects and goals of each partner
  • Reflect on future desires and potential roadblocks you want to avoid
  • Enable your partner to see that by creating the agreement as an act of love, you will reduce the prospect for worry and uncertainty

But How Do You Effectively Have Such Conversations?

Begin working toward an arrangement at least six months before the wedding. Waiting too long can cause one or both parties to feel unhappy and add undue stress.

Broach the subject with your partner in a loving, delicate way. A prenuptial agreement is not a threat or a deceptive or retaliatory act. This is not the kind of discussion to have when one partner is angry or in the middle of an argument.

Consider employing collaboratively trained lawyers for each partner or engaging a neutral mediator to foster effective communication. These conversations can be uncomfortable, so working with experienced non-adversarial professionals during the process protects all interests and helps to keep things moving forward toward a positive resolution. 

A Prenuptial Agreement is a Legal Contract

You must understand that a prenuptial agreement is a legal contract, and that means you should give careful consideration to the creation process and the resulting document. Downloading a prenuptial form on the internet can be a costly mistake; these generic documents are often unenforceable.

For more information about the benefits of prenups and the process of designing an agreement, contact Koiles Pratt Family Law Group. We are happy to help you develop a prenuptial agreement that mirrors the adoration you have for your partner and the life you plan to create together.

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