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How are Marital Debts Treated in a Divorce?

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | April 13, 2022

In Massachusetts, all marital property and assets are split according to equitable distribution considerations. Equitable distribution means fair and reasonable, and that may not be equal.  Marital debts are essentially treated the same way, which means that courts may consider many factors in determining the most “fair” means of allocating…

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Divorce Guide for Stay-at-Home Parents

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | March 29, 2022

Divorce is never easy, especially for stay-at-home parents. While the job of a stay-at-home–protecting and caring for children–is an invaluable service, unfortunately, the job does not pay money. And a divorce is often quite costly. To assist, we offer a divorce guide for stay-at-home parents in Massachusetts to help you…

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Birdnesting in Divorce in Massachusetts

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | December 28, 2021

Parents who want to minimize the stress and disruption for their children during divorce in Massachusetts often consider adopting a strategy known as birdnesting. In this technique, the divorcing couple maintains the family home for the children and they alternate taking turns residing in the home and living elsewhere. Is…

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