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Managing High-Asset Divorce in MA

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | June 22, 2022

While no divorce is easy, some divorces are simple. High-asset divorces are neither. And when a high-asset divorce is handled by an attorney unfamiliar with the complexities, both the divorce process and the outcome can be unnecessarily costly. Understanding the challenges can help you effectively manage a high-asset divorce in…

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How are Marital Debts Treated in a Divorce?

By Koiles Pratt Divorce and Family Law | April 13, 2022

In Massachusetts, all marital property and assets are split according to equitable distribution considerations. Equitable distribution means fair and reasonable, and that may not be equal.  Marital debts are essentially treated the same way, which means that courts may consider many factors in determining the most “fair” means of allocating…

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