Shannon Beador’s husband demands joint child custody

Determining visitation schedules for children can be difficult for many Massachusetts couples going through a divorce. However, there are many parents who are not completely satisfied with visitation rights. Some parents would rather share child custody as evenly as possible.

Shannon Beador recently filed for divorce from her husband of 17 years, David. In response, he has demanded that physical and legal custody of their children be shared 50 percent. Since the couple’s separation, their children have resided with Shannon and have supposedly refused to talk to or see David on several occasions. He claims that this is because Shannon does not encourage the children to pursue contact, nor does she foster a healthy relationship with their father.

David has also expressed concern for the effect of Shannon’s career on the children. According to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Shannon’s role on Real Housewives of Orange County encourages excess drinking and extended travel. He has also claimed that she does not inform him of when she will be traveling, nor has she made any arrangements for the children to stay with him while she is gone.

There are several other reasons why Shannon Beador’s estranged husband is seeking to split child custody. However, the children’s father ultimately seems to be concerned with the overall well being of his three daughters. Massachusetts parents who are considering divorce and wish to know more about different child custody agreements may wish to contact an attorney in their area. An attorney would also be able to help parents alter an existing custody agreement to better benefit the children involved.

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