How to expedite the divorce process

Massachusetts has two classifications for divorce. The first is an uncontested divorce, otherwise known as a 1A divorce. It is the fastest way to obtain a divorce, and it occurs when both spouses agree to the terms of the separation and simply submit the necessary paperwork for a judge’s approval. There is also a contested divorce, or 1B, where the spouses have fundamental disagreements they have to reconcile. 

Unfortunately, many couples in Massachusetts have to contend with delayed divorce proceedings. It can take months or even years to reach a conclusion. However, there are ways you can speed up the process so that you can legally separate from your spouse and move on with your life. 

Reach a settlement

The easiest way to settle a divorce is to reach a settlement with your spouse. You and your spouse sit down with an objective third party to settle every issue. Once you have the paperwork ready, you contact the court to schedule a hearing. There are no arguments for the judge to hear. He or she simply needs to sign off on the agreement, and you have legally divorced with minimal hassle. 

File a motion

During the proceedings, either spouse has the right to file a motion asking that the court intervenes on any number of issues. You can file a motion so that the court can hear about custody orders or alimony. You can also file a motion if you need to set a restraining order against a spouse. It makes it so that the court has to see you. From there, you can set additional court dates. It comes in handy when court dates drag on and you want to get the ball rolling. 

Communicate with the spouse

The divorce may go on longer than you want due to your spouse’s intervention. Some spouses intentionally drag on divorce cases to spite their partners. In this instance, it may be prudent to simply talk with your spouse about how you just want to get this over with. 

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